Another key focus is advisory services to architecture and engineering firms as well as project owners and investors in drafting and implementing architectural and engineering contracts. We also have in-depth knowledge in the field of project management contracts.

All operations, from general to specialist planning, can be structured and accompanied by us and, if necessary, we can provide representation in a legal dispute. This ensures that the interaction between all those involved in planning runs as smoothly as possible, both creatively and economically.

We take account of the applicable price-law requirements of the HOAI, current trends such as “Building Information Modeling” (BIM), and all current case-law in the field of architectural and engineering law.

This means that we have the skills to take care of not just the usual planning content of your construction, support structure or technical building systems, but also engineering services for traffic facilities and civil engineering structures. With our high degree of specialization, we provide pragmatic and legally watertight solutions to all matters of architectural and engineering law.