Construction and property advice with an eye to yield is enormously important. For this reason, we also offer investors and owners advice in the sales or administration phase of the property, whether it is to be leased, let or sold. In the framework for administration, we verify FM contracts and stand alongside you in all practical matters.

We are here for you from contract initiation to signing the rental contract and right through to hand-back of the property. Our shared objective is to set out clear provisions by drawing on foresight in the drafting of contracts, in order to avoid future conflicts and lengthy court proceedings.

We also provide ongoing support for your contractual documents, ensuring that they remain in compliance with any changes to the law and case-law for your peace of mind.

KNH can also advise and represent property brokers, from contract design to enforcement of commission claims. 

Residential property is another of our specialist fields. We advise owners and condominium communities in all matters concerning their property, be it representation in meetings, examination of and defense against claims and in court proceedings. We also increasingly offer mediation services in condominium communities, to ensure excellent relations within the community for the long term.